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 So I've been liveblogging a re-listen of Spare Parts on Tumblr this evening, all kinds of discussion and thinky thoughts. I hope some people will read and find it interesting.

Obviously, Tumblr is horrible for discussion, but it does make it easier to toss pictures/graphics into Walls of Text. I may bring over the posts to DW, or I may not; it's a lot of work!

As usual, thanks to Amazon Prime, I haven't seen tonight's new Who episode. I'm avoiding browsing Tumblr for the most part to avoid Spoilers. But I've already heard from my fellow Team Five posse that I'm probably not going to like a lot of it (although the Fifth Corsair thinks I will be happy with Missy). 

Also? It's what...June 25.  I FINALLY have a good idea to submit to this year's Big Finish Short Trips contest.

I shouldn't win, because someone surely wants it more. But I want to submit something.

It's weird; I always want to get them to do the PERFECT Fifth Doctor and Nyssa "Team Nerd" story, the two of them being McGyvers together. And then I can never think of a good story to send them. I'd do Dalek Free Spirit, except it's a sequel to one single audio that they can't guarantee Short Trips listeners have heard, plus I think the contest rules say no canon monsters (since there's often licensing / permission issues). 

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I recently did a somewhat (stopped due to sleep) relisten of Spare Parts. It's definitely a classic and is still one of the most terrifying audios I've heard.

Great commentary!

How's your entry coming? I know it's late but I almost feel like starting over and doing something else since I got a major Plot Bunny sparked from a conversation I had with my *second mom* (stepmom) about the missing Doctor Who stories. :)

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