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The new generation of Who fans is wonderful and vibrant and busy on Tumblr, but it's hard to have a proper geeky conversation when most of the best comments are hidden away in tags and reblogs. Dreamwidth is a classic-Livejournal clone, so it's easier to have discussions here.

So, I'm going to be using it for my meta posts, discussions of episodes, and fanfic archiving.

In case you haven't bumped into me on Tumblr, this is me (Bigon voice):

Brief intro to an old Whovian... )

If you're an active classic Who / Big Finish fan, I'd love to hear from you!

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Dec. 17th, 2014 07:52 pm
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My Sarah Sutton Saga: A Fan's Journey

All My Fanfic | Art/Photomanips | Big Finish Reviews
Index of Free Doctor Who Audios on Spotify

My Best Doctor Who Fanfiction:

Master's Thesis (42K words)
Five, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough
This Bird Has Flown (6K words) Five/Nyssa slow burn
High Hierophant (51K words) Five/Nyssa mostly platonic

(All stories above are complete)
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Originally posted on Tumblr (with more creepy screencaps)

The Watcher — Logopolis

NYSSA: That’s the man who brought me from Traken.
NYSSA: He said he was a friend of yours.
ADRIC: But he’s the man on the bridge.
ADRIC: You said to be prepared for the worst.
DOCTOR: Indeed I did, and I am prepared for the worst.
ADRIC: Why are you prepared for the worst, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Because he’s here.

This is one of those tiny mysteries that intrigues the heck out of me… why and how did little Nyssa take off into the unknown with THAT INCREDIBLY SPOOKY PERSON?

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Originally posted on Tumblr, this meta post digs up classic Who canon on two surprisingly complicated questions:

  • How and when did we first learn the Doctor wasn't human?
  • Was he ever called "Doctor Who" in classic Who, or only "Doctor"? 

It's tempting to say that the Doctor was explicitly nonhuman from the start of the show (in 1963, you whippersnappers ;)). In fact, his status was ambiguous for several seasons, and yes, I do remember the pilot episode's title!

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