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May. 30th, 2017 09:34 am
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I jotted down the original outline of The Coronation of the High Hierophant in August 2015.  And it looks like I may finish it within the next month, FINALLY.

I've just written the dramatic climax, which includes lots of derring-do and the Doctor being heroic. (Finally.) All that's left to write is a short epilogue. It's going to clock in around 55,000 words. 

It was inspired by the simplest of exchanges in a Big Finish Doctor Who audio, 1001 Nights:

Nyssa: You’re quite sure this outfit isn’t a little too showy? Oh.

Doctor: Nothing’s too showy for the Grand Coronation of the High Hierophant of the Five Revealed Truths. Oh.

N: We’re not at the Celestial Basilica, are we?

D: Apparently not.

N: Then where are we?

D: I’m not sure. Remote outpost, maybe? Or some kind of fortress? Not exactly bustling with life.

N: It’s a prison, isn’t it.

D: I admit the fifty-foot-high wall does tend to give that impression.

N: I had enough of prisons on Folly. Can we go?

<Cries for help>

D: Did you hear that?

N: Doctor. The Coronation of the High Hierophant, remember? Perfumed rain, falling from clouds sewn with powdered diamonds… you wouldn’t want to miss that.

D: I’ve had the invitation for the past 300 years, Nyssa. I can wait a little longer… come on!

Did they ever succeed in going to the Celestial Basilica? What happened?

Babbling about how the story came together... )

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