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Fifth Doctor fanfic bannerThe Coronation of the High Hierophant(Unrevealed Truths)
Fifth Doctor/Nyssa, UST demi or asexual Doctor, queer characters.
6 chapters posted so far; grand finale in progress (either 1 chapter or 1 chapter plus epilogue.)

Summary: What if the Doctor thinks he's in one of those adventures that ends with the companion staying behind, but the companion thinks they're staying just long enough to troubleshoot a problem? What if the companion has to play the hero in the Doctor's absence, while he works through the stages of grief for a friend whose fate is sealed? Nyssa is soon wrapped up in the deadly politics of the Celestial Basilica, a culture that's half advanced technological wizardry, half retro French Baroque. Meanwhile, the Doctor is finding it difficult to move on, but he can't go back for her— not without violating the Laws of Time.

Dalek Free Spirit (sequel to Big Finish "Dalek Heart")
Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, canon Platonic, Turlough Cameo
Chapter 2/8 posted so far. 
Summary: Nyssa is lost, probably dead, and in any case beyond the Doctor's reach. To his dismay, he learns that the Daleks may have kept a clone of her. Now he faces an impossible dilemma: save her imperfect twin, who may be as twisted as her father was after the Master possessed him, or exterminate the last of a dear friend.

And I need to figure out something for the Big Finish contest, since Dalek Free Spirit has become too complex a story (and anyway they probably wouldn't accept it since the rules say no established monsters.) 

You'd think at my age I wouldn't care, but I remember the heyday of LJ fanfic, when everyone commented on each other's stories, and I miss that interaction tremendously. In fact, I find it very discouraging to post without the payoff of reader feedback, although I keep being seized by story ideas that are so good I can't stop writing them. Fanfiction (and Big Finish) keep me going during depression and periods of poor health.
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