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I really have been shying away from this blog for a while, but I'm determined to get back to what I really wanted to do with it.

So, a few miscellaneous matters.

First, a celebration! My VHSWhovian Doctor Who Reviews blog is up to 78 reviews and counting. It's my permanent home for all my Big Finish reviews, where I'll be sharing progress in my great Big Finish Listen-o-thon, listening to all the Main Ranges and many of the spin-offs in release order as I try to make up for 15 years of missing out.

The most useful part of that website is the interactive, sortable table of Big Finish audios. Sort in order of my rating, the Doctor's timeline, companion, release date, release number, or knock yourself out finding all the audios with "Shadow" in the title. I've linked to the reviews I've written so far, but the rating from 1-10 will give you a quick way to look for good audios to try. (Keep in mind the first 50 of the main range are $3 downloads.)

Second, I'll be at (Re)Generation Who con in March, so I can finally get Peter Davison's autograph on the "Team Nerd" commission and amuse Colin Baker with my Evelyn Smythe cosplay, and Long Island 4 Who Con in November, which usually includes Paul McGann, and this year Sophie, Sylvester, and Loiuse Jameson will be there. I had a ball at LI 3, so it looks like I'm going to act like someone half my age and start attending cons now and again.

Third, I didn't post about it here, but I participated in Inktober last November, trying fountain pen for the first time in 20 years. Results:

View the individual portraits in my DeviantArt Gallery, although I need to re-upload those I got autographed at LI 3. I'll be doing new ones for (Re)Generations: Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant, Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury, and then if I have time I'll do the other guests (except I'm saving Sophie until November, since I know she'll be there. I hope I'll be able to draw a better Louise by that time as well). 

Fourth, I've joined a fic community, Get Your Words Out, so expect another novella on the level of Master's Thesis by the end of this year. I hope. Another Fifth Doctor and Nyssa adventure, this one a side adventure sometime after 1001 Nights, which mentioned that they were trying to reach the Coronation of the High Hierophant. I decided to write that missing story. It's got a killer concept, and the research and planning stages are fairly far along. ('m treating it as a dress rehearsal for original fiction (not that I mean to repurpose it, just that I'm practicing the skills needed for a commercially successful book). 

I hesitate to mention this in the same post with things I'm proud of, but for what it's worth, I just posted an R-rated "guilty pleasure" Nyssa/Five ficlet on AO3. It has no merit; it's just a fluffy bit of smut as a gift for some old friends. Enjoy.

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