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It is flipping done. 52K words, two years of my life, too many sinus infections, and gods know how many hours of research, revisions and nitpicky edits later…

FANFIC: The Coronation of the High Hierophant

Pairing: Fifth Doctor & Nyssa (mostly platonic except That One Demi chapter)
Rating: Teen and up
Word Count: 51K or 52K depending on archive
Context: Big Finish audios but as usual I provide enough context you don't need 'em

“Those people are gravely mistaken who imagine that all this is mere ceremony.” —Louis XIV, Le Roi-Soleil

Story: On a human colony where Baroque France and classical Rome are so far in Earth’s legendary past that both are mined for “wisdom of the ancients,” the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa are swept into a fantastic world of pageantry, allegory, advanced gravitational engineering, dance and court intrigue.

The Doctor believes Nyssa has found true love. Nyssa believes she has found someone who needs their help. After the Doctor leaves Nyssa to her new life, she’s forced to embrace the masquerade far more deeply than she had intended. Will the Doctor defy the Web of Time to extricate her from the jaws of history?

Tags: trope subversion · graysexuality · queer characters · trans characters
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...It's been a bumper crop year for Team Five fans.

I'm ambivalent about bringing Adric back, because Matthew's a little rusty (although he was great in last year's Short Trip "A Full Life"), and because I prefer S20 Nyssa who's more experienced and outspoken. The Star Men and Zaltys were fun but not stellar stories (pun intended), The Contingency Club was the only one I felt measured up to Big Finish's usual standards of "classic Who, only with really good scriptwriting, and all the companions have moments to shine.")

But some years we just have to be content with a classic Doctor's trilogy. This year? There's SO MUCH MORE. Last year we had an extra anthology with Turlough. This year is the gift that keeps on giving. Alien Heart / Dalek Soul was flipping brilliant and original, almost as much so as Heaven Sent— the first story is just setup for the second, but the second had me yelling expletives at three different points. So we had two good to great Nyssa & Five stories, which of course makes me happy. And we're not done with Five yet this year. 

September gives us TWO more treats.

"A Heart on Both Sides." Short Trip with older!Nyssa — post-Terminus Space Medic Nyssa, saving lives and being Wonder Woman, encountering the Eighth Doctor at the beginning of the Time War.

Big Finish Audio cover

I've always wondered what older!Nyssa would say/do if she learned of the Time War, since her own experiences with Time Lords other than the Doctor have been largely negative, yet she's so loyal to the Doctor. On the one hand, she'd sympathize with his predicament — she's watched the Time Lords execute him, for goodness' sake, not to mention her personal tragedies with the Master— but on the other hand, she's a healer and a doctor, medical variety, and she'll be not best pleased if she find the Doctor connected with a war that's sending casualties her way. I've wanted her to confront one of the post-Time-War Doctors for years (as the Last of Her Race, she has an additional angle they can't do here). But Eight will do.

My only regret is that it's a Short Trip, so single-narrator, rather than Sarah and Paul working together. Both of them can project quiet passion and intensity, and Nyssa only gets angry very rarely, so it would be a hell of a confrontation for them to act. On the other hand, Short Trips have the advantage of letting us see the Doctor through the companion's eyes, and Nyssa's nonhuman, "very old friend of the Doctor with a life outside of his" perspective is somewhat unique.

There's an Adric Short Trip in November, "The Ingenous Gentleman Adric of Alzarius." The description on their website suggests another panto. It could be a hilarious spoof, IF Matthew is up to the challenge. A big if. (Except personally I don't ship Adric/Nyssa, and reading between the lines there may be a bit of it, but we shall see. Can't very well begrudge Big Finish feeding other people's ships after what they did for mine in Dalek Soul.) I'm looking forward to the "Dragon" in that story. ;) 

But here. Here is the story that had me squeaking for joy as soon as Janet posted something about being at the studio with Lou Jameson. Main Range Fifth Doctor audio: Time in Office. TEGAN AND LEELA and a political drama (anthology?) about the Fifth Doctor getting dragged back to Gallifrey and forced to serve at least a little time as the president. Tegan. And. LEELA. teamed up. Five, you are in so much trouble.

CD cover for Big Finish Doctor Who "Time in Office"

[Full-sized version]

This cover art is already gorgeous, some of the best Big Finish has produced (including the stained glass Dalek). But what's that we see at the bottom of the scene, for the dedicated classic Who connoisseur? "A few bare rocks with some weeds sprouting from them and some pathetic little patches of sludgy snow." — The Time Monster
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Title Banner for Coronation of the High Hierophant

The Coronation of the High Hierophant
New chapter: seven of eight

“Those people are gravely mistaken who imagine that all this is mere ceremony.” —Louis XIV, Le Roi-Soleil

Story: On a human colony where Baroque France and classical Rome are so far in Earth’s legendary past that both are mined for “wisdom of the ancients,” the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa are swept into a fantastic world of pageantry, allegory, advanced gravitational engineering, dance and court intrigue.

The Doctor believes Nyssa has found true love. Nyssa believes she has found someone who needs their help. When the Doctor leaves Nyssa to her new life, she’s forced to embrace the masquerade far more deeply than she had intended. And the Web of Time may seal her fate.

Tags: fairytales · trope subversion · graysexuality · queer characters
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Fifth Doctor fanfic bannerThe Coronation of the High Hierophant(Unrevealed Truths)
Fifth Doctor/Nyssa, UST demi or asexual Doctor, queer characters.
6 chapters posted so far; grand finale in progress (either 1 chapter or 1 chapter plus epilogue.)

Summary: What if the Doctor thinks he's in one of those adventures that ends with the companion staying behind, but the companion thinks they're staying just long enough to troubleshoot a problem? What if the companion has to play the hero in the Doctor's absence, while he works through the stages of grief for a friend whose fate is sealed? Nyssa is soon wrapped up in the deadly politics of the Celestial Basilica, a culture that's half advanced technological wizardry, half retro French Baroque. Meanwhile, the Doctor is finding it difficult to move on, but he can't go back for her— not without violating the Laws of Time.

Dalek Free Spirit (sequel to Big Finish "Dalek Heart")
Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, canon Platonic, Turlough Cameo
Chapter 2/8 posted so far. 
Summary: Nyssa is lost, probably dead, and in any case beyond the Doctor's reach. To his dismay, he learns that the Daleks may have kept a clone of her. Now he faces an impossible dilemma: save her imperfect twin, who may be as twisted as her father was after the Master possessed him, or exterminate the last of a dear friend.

And I need to figure out something for the Big Finish contest, since Dalek Free Spirit has become too complex a story (and anyway they probably wouldn't accept it since the rules say no established monsters.) 

You'd think at my age I wouldn't care, but I remember the heyday of LJ fanfic, when everyone commented on each other's stories, and I miss that interaction tremendously. In fact, I find it very discouraging to post without the payoff of reader feedback, although I keep being seized by story ideas that are so good I can't stop writing them. Fanfiction (and Big Finish) keep me going during depression and periods of poor health.
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I keep coming back to Spare Parts. It's such a challenge to set a classic Who story where the end is a foregone conclusion, because there's no way to alter future bits of the Whoniverse, but BF has been doing it for over a decade.

Anyway, there's so many good parts of this audio, including a rare shouting match between the Doctor and Nyssa, but this part of their argument caught my attention:

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  • Only canonically queer companion of the Fifth Doctor so far?
  • Only BRITISH companion of the Fifth Doctor so far?
  • Only deeply religious companion of the Doctor I can remember?
Hannah defies the gender norms and expectations of her time, dresses in men's clothing, refuses the epithet of "lady," and insists on being called "Ms." She's from the lesbian community of Boston in 1910 or so, probably P-Town. A hearty soul who's partial to liquor, she carries a shotgun, flirts genteelly with the ladies (including Nyssa, if you listened to that clip!), and is unfazed by aliens and alien technology. And her boisterous frankness can be quite entertaining.

Her spirituality interests me. It's rare for science fiction to deal with spirituality or religion. It's even rarer for a Who companion to express religious beliefs openly. But Hannah's spirituality informs her actions and motivates her to seek enlightenment among the stars, an unusual reason for a companion to join the Doctor. Of course, BF played it safe. Rather than portraying her as a member of a mainstream religion, Hannah is a member of "The Order of the Crescent Moon," an imaginary spiritual sect modeled on late 19th-century Spiritualism and The Order of the Golden Dawn.

Surprisingly, her spiritualism gives her something in common with Nyssa. In Darkening Eye and Land of the Dead, Nyssa mentions that her culture has learned to "combine the spiritual and the rational." For Nyssa, science and the rational come first, but can be informed by the spiritual and non-rational, those things which science can't measure or quantify. Hannah's not a scientist, but she's a very down-to-earth person, making her woo-woo convictions surprising. I think a skilled writer could do something with the two of them, tapping into the ongoing "science vs. religion" cultural debate.

On another topic, I loved Hannah pretending to be Nyssa's governess. On the one hand, it's a handy disguise, since it deflects nosy questions about the Doctor and his young lady companion: she's not his *cough*, she's his ward, for whom he's employed a respectable chaperone. On the other hand, Nyssa's not going to tolerate that arrangement for long; she's more experienced than Hannah, she's been with the Doctor for years, and she's certainly not going to act subservient to Hannah (or the Doctor). The sham governess/ward dynamic could make for some interesting character tension, plus some hilarious moments when Hannah is pretending to be in charge while Nyssa's really calling the shots. (Then again, Hannah's not likely to take any orders from her.)

Granted, the Doctor didn't seem to strike up a rapport with Hannah the way he did Erimem. Granted, the stories with Hannah so far haven't served her particularly well: the writers struggled to integrate her into the Five & Nyssa team that everyone knows so well at this point. And granted, she seems to have been a three-story-only companion.** But I can't help hoping we'll see Hannah again.

(above left: Francesca Hunt as Rebecca Fogg in The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne... too feminine a look for Hannah, but the right attitude.)






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If a tree falls in a forest...

Welcome! It's been a wild, crazy, lovely, painful year for me, beginning my Big Finish journey in December 2013, rediscovering why Nyssa was one of my favorite characters when I was a girl in 1980, binge-listening to every one of her audio stories in 2014, falling in love all over again with older!Nyssa, making an odyssey to England to put my Team Five novella into her actress' hands, and sharing my 40-year classic Who fandom with a new generation of fans.

So. Let's talk Nyssa. PLEASE. It's been driving me crazy, that I can't discuss Entropy Plague because I don't want to spoil people, yet for me, it's as big a deal as a Doctor regenerating or the Missy reveal.

Clear out now if you want to avoid spoilers. I HAVE THINGS TO SAY. 


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(originally posted on Tumblr in reaction to a "Warriors of the Deep" gifset)

Poor Five.

It really is true that when the writers got to Five, they said, “Hey, here’s something we haven’t done before:* THIS Doctor is going to be fallible, and he won’t always be able to save the day! That will add to the dramatic suspense!” It was the first wave of Trope Cynicism and Meta that culminated in the dreaded Gritty Realism trope that the hero has to be an asshole and not necessarily likable.

So Five just… keeps losing battles. People. His innocence. Loss and fall from innocence are part of Eight’s arc, but Five is really the first of the lot who had the magic hero ability Pull Rabbit Out of Hat taken away from him.

*I realize that previous Doctors occasonally lost — Katarina, e.g., or the fiasco with the Brigadier blowing up the Silurians against the Doctor’s wishes, or the fall of Atlantis and the mirrorverse — but they were very rare occurrences.

The Face of Evil during the Fourth Doctor’s run had its dramatic oomph largely because it introduced a plot twist nearly UNTHINKABLE at the time: the Doctor had inadvertently screwed up on a previous visit and left a mess behind.

That wouldn’t be much of a shock with Five.

Big Finish took Fallible Five and ran with it. It’s good for drama, but it wrenches my heart. I feel bad for him. Why couldn’t he get Four’s impressive ability to Save the Day with maddening babble and faffing about? By painful degrees, Five’s failures grind down that joyous, curious, eager Doctor we glimpsed in Castrovalva. He tries so hard to help others, often putting his life on the line for them, yet the fabric of things/people he cares deeply about keeps unraveling and slipping through his fingers.

And it just keeps happening. No wonder he holds his emotions close. Peter Davison’s sad eyes seem to show the strain.

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originally posted on Tumblr Dec 2014

circular time cd cover

Circular Time contains four mini-stories tracing the arc of the Fifth Doctor’s friendship with Nyssa. The last one, “Winter” by Paul Cornell, is my all-time favorite Big Finish audio. It’s a touching, bittersweet half-hour that makes my eyes water, but more than that, it’s a powerful, sensitive character study.

Most classic Doctors keep their true feelings well-hidden. This story lets us peel away that mask and dive inside his head during a moment of extreme crisis.


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Originally posted on Tumblr (with more creepy screencaps)

The Watcher — Logopolis

NYSSA: That’s the man who brought me from Traken.
NYSSA: He said he was a friend of yours.
ADRIC: But he’s the man on the bridge.
ADRIC: You said to be prepared for the worst.
DOCTOR: Indeed I did, and I am prepared for the worst.
ADRIC: Why are you prepared for the worst, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Because he’s here.

This is one of those tiny mysteries that intrigues the heck out of me… why and how did little Nyssa take off into the unknown with THAT INCREDIBLY SPOOKY PERSON?

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