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...It's been a bumper crop year for Team Five fans.

I'm ambivalent about bringing Adric back, because Matthew's a little rusty (although he was great in last year's Short Trip "A Full Life"), and because I prefer S20 Nyssa who's more experienced and outspoken. The Star Men and Zaltys were fun but not stellar stories (pun intended), The Contingency Club was the only one I felt measured up to Big Finish's usual standards of "classic Who, only with really good scriptwriting, and all the companions have moments to shine.")

But some years we just have to be content with a classic Doctor's trilogy. This year? There's SO MUCH MORE. Last year we had an extra anthology with Turlough. This year is the gift that keeps on giving. Alien Heart / Dalek Soul was flipping brilliant and original, almost as much so as Heaven Sent— the first story is just setup for the second, but the second had me yelling expletives at three different points. So we had two good to great Nyssa & Five stories, which of course makes me happy. And we're not done with Five yet this year. 

September gives us TWO more treats.

"A Heart on Both Sides." Short Trip with older!Nyssa — post-Terminus Space Medic Nyssa, saving lives and being Wonder Woman, encountering the Eighth Doctor at the beginning of the Time War.

Big Finish Audio cover

I've always wondered what older!Nyssa would say/do if she learned of the Time War, since her own experiences with Time Lords other than the Doctor have been largely negative, yet she's so loyal to the Doctor. On the one hand, she'd sympathize with his predicament — she's watched the Time Lords execute him, for goodness' sake, not to mention her personal tragedies with the Master— but on the other hand, she's a healer and a doctor, medical variety, and she'll be not best pleased if she find the Doctor connected with a war that's sending casualties her way. I've wanted her to confront one of the post-Time-War Doctors for years (as the Last of Her Race, she has an additional angle they can't do here). But Eight will do.

My only regret is that it's a Short Trip, so single-narrator, rather than Sarah and Paul working together. Both of them can project quiet passion and intensity, and Nyssa only gets angry very rarely, so it would be a hell of a confrontation for them to act. On the other hand, Short Trips have the advantage of letting us see the Doctor through the companion's eyes, and Nyssa's nonhuman, "very old friend of the Doctor with a life outside of his" perspective is somewhat unique.

There's an Adric Short Trip in November, "The Ingenous Gentleman Adric of Alzarius." The description on their website suggests another panto. It could be a hilarious spoof, IF Matthew is up to the challenge. A big if. (Except personally I don't ship Adric/Nyssa, and reading between the lines there may be a bit of it, but we shall see. Can't very well begrudge Big Finish feeding other people's ships after what they did for mine in Dalek Soul.) I'm looking forward to the "Dragon" in that story. ;) 

But here. Here is the story that had me squeaking for joy as soon as Janet posted something about being at the studio with Lou Jameson. Main Range Fifth Doctor audio: Time in Office. TEGAN AND LEELA and a political drama (anthology?) about the Fifth Doctor getting dragged back to Gallifrey and forced to serve at least a little time as the president. Tegan. And. LEELA. teamed up. Five, you are in so much trouble.

CD cover for Big Finish Doctor Who "Time in Office"

[Full-sized version]

This cover art is already gorgeous, some of the best Big Finish has produced (including the stained glass Dalek). But what's that we see at the bottom of the scene, for the dedicated classic Who connoisseur? "A few bare rocks with some weeds sprouting from them and some pathetic little patches of sludgy snow." — The Time Monster

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