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Let's see if I can enjoy having a classic Who blog again.
So, what have I been doing?

VHSWhovian Reviews now has its own website, For the most part, I'm reviewing audios, but now that Britbox has given us a free, legal option for watching classic Who streaming, who knows: I may start reviewing the show I grew up watching, now with the perspective of middle-aged hindsight.

However, my reviews are falling behind because of fanfiction! One of the recent audios, Alien Heart / Dalek Soul, seized my imagination by dangling some lovely flapping loose ends, and I grabbed them with both hands. Dalek Free Spirit has two chapters posted so far, and its Scrivener file for it has passed 40,000 words despite my being quite ill (severe sinus infections on top of other chronic health issues) for most of the year. I realize that wordcount is nothing for you nano wunderkinds, but I'm old and arthritic and, again: no stamina. 

The Coronation of the High Hierophant fic is winding to a close. I've put the Fifth Doctor through the ringer. So I'm juggling two big fics right now.

In the con department, I made it to both Gallifrey One and Regeneration Who, again while rather ill. (I had to miss most of one day of Galli, but I hung on and spent some lovely moments with a few favorites, notably author/director/Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards who wrote one of my favorite Doctor Who stories in any medium, Emerald Tiger.)

I've continued art lessons, although I'm still not as good as I want to be. Portraits are difficult.

I've been enjoying the new season of Who, for the most part, and absolutely ADORE Bill Potts. Thin Ice, The Pilot, Smile: I loved 'em. The most recent arc is frustrating me, but I like Capaldi and Pearl Mackie so much that I am hanging on.

[It's mostly the Pyramid at the End of the World that frustrated me:
--Kinder, gentler queerbaiting means Women of Color get their dates interrupted every single bleeping time
--It's bizarre that the Doctor's shades lack optical character recognition, which has been around since he wore celery, and/or he forgot he could send the image of the combo lock to Bill just as he sent a whole video archive one episode before.
--A virus that reduces plants and people to goo doesn't affect him at all?!
--What kind of lab vents its air to the outside atmosphere during a biohazard quarantine lockdown?
--Most of all, it's incredibly problematic to have a woman, let alone a woman of color, being bullied, coerced, and forced to submit her whole race to slavery, and yet this is called "pure consent." The Doctor tells her not to do it, but he's still just giving orders. He should be saying "Coercion is the opposite of consent and it's not pure!" Instead, he says "love is slavery," which is an even more problematic thing to say to a black woman!

What kind of message about consent is that to give young adults, the target audience of the show? That "consent" requires a powerless person to submit to someone more powerful, and "love" is slavery? That's pretty much endorsing rape culture.

So yeah. I've loved most of this season, but that was a definite NOPE. ]

Date: 2017-05-29 02:38 pm (UTC)
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Welcome back!

I've read the chapters of Dalek Free Spirit. You took a Plot Bunny and RAN WITH IT. Sad to see Heirophant come to an end but loving it so far (your writing inspires me). I'm just trying to finish my entry for that Short Trips Opportunity. I have a couple of ideas but only focusing on one for now. (I'm aware there's a very high probability I won't win, but I can try ! This may be the fic I've done the most research for.)

This season of who has been...a mixed bag for me. Bill's amazing and I enjoyed Knock Knock and parts of Extremis and Thin Ice a lot, however Nardole's just *now* starting to grow on me and I'm still a little mad this is Capaldi's last season since season 9 made me a fan of him. I can actually remember more of the storyline of Class (which I'm enjoying a lot more than I thought I would, and my stepmom, who doesn't know Who outside the basics, enjoys it) than some of this season of Who so far. I suppose an eventual rewatch is in order.

(Thanks for putting that under a Read More since i haven't watched the new ep yet)

Date: 2017-05-29 07:20 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] romanajo123
Thanks! So far, the research has and kind of fascinating (considering the time period).

Aaagh, licensing. That's part of the reason a fic i was really excited about doing for this (and somewhat planned out in April) probably won't be entered since it contains Grace, and even though it's for Classic Who only I do not think Big Finish can technically use her. I wanted to be safe.

I don't usually speculate about casting, but I am a bit anxious to see who's next.

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