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Old Whovian brought back into the fold by Big Finish. NuWho has flashes of brilliance, but I am a classic Whovian at heart who started watching in 1979.

I still remember where I was sitting when Abby came to the nerd table at Bryn Mawr College to tell us, "I have terrible news. Doctor Who has just been cancelled." (Cue screams of outrage and "ACE IS THE BEST COMPANION EVER!" and "BUT WE LIKED SYLVESTER! HE WAS GOOD!" It was a women's college, full of lesbians and bis, and Ace was our gal.)

My Who fandom slowly went into dormancy -- although we were posting Who and CIA fanfiction on a VAX in 1989, before the web existed -- and although I dipped into NuWho a bit and was glad it had returned, it hadn't quite grabbed me.

Then I discovered Big Finish. You mean... there's MORE? Nearly all my classic Doctors, and classic companions? Nyssa getting to DO THINGS, when I always knew she was a genius nerd and far more than a pretty face? Katy Manning coming back as a zooty cosmic bag lady? Leela and Romana kicking ass and taking names? And who's this Benny Summerfield?

Starting in 2014, I've had a TON of Big Finish to catch up on, I've written a ton of fanfic when I should have been working, and I went to the UK for my first ever Who con (Dimensions 2014) and met a lot of the actors I've been following since I was a teenaged fan reading avidly in old sourcebooks like Key to Time.

Anyway, hi. My main dreamwidth account is Auronlu, but since that's for Final Fantasy gaming, I've split my Doctor Who geeking onto this account. Also, I'm pretty durned active on Tumblr Who fandom, but it doesn't allow for the same kind of geeking and discussion we used to have back on LJ.
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