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Dec. 17th, 2014 07:52 pm
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My Sarah Sutton Saga: A Fan's Journey

All My Fanfic | Art/Photomanips | Big Finish Reviews
Index of Free Doctor Who Audios on Spotify

My Best Doctor Who Fanfiction:

Master's Thesis (42K words)
Five, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough
This Bird Has Flown (6K words) Five/Nyssa slow burn
High Hierophant (51K words) Five/Nyssa mostly platonic

(All stories above are complete)
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First of all: Trevor Baxter, aka Professor George Litefoot of Jago & Litefoot, passed away today.

I fell in love with the character when I was a kid.

My mother held him up as an example of truly good manners. There's a great moment in Talons of Weng-Chiang when he's sharing his table with Leela, and she picks up a joint of meat with her hands and bites into it like a barbarian. There's a split second of horror in his face, but he blinks, hides it, and instead of shaming his guest resolutely puts down his knife and fork and follows suit, picking up his own meat with his hands. Because the polite thing is to make guests feel welcome.

I don't know if that was in the script or Trevor Baxter improvving, but Litefoot was clearly very close to his heart, and he's had a ball the last nine years recording thirteen series!!! of Jago and Litefoot in his old age. Big Finish has a nice bio and tributes to him from fellow actors here.

Also, if you haven't heard it, the March Short Trip was the Tenth Doctor stopping by to visit Prof. Litefoot, and the trailer contains a truly moving clip that captures the essence of both Litefoot and the Doctor. It's quick; give a listen. It's probably the last thing Baxter ever recorded.

I drew a portrait of him (above) for my daily practice. I've been posting 1 hour sketches for about a week now, mostly Doctor Who companions.

As for the big news...

fanart and thoughts about new Doctor )


Jul. 2nd, 2017 09:38 am
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Once again broke my rule of not checking social media at ANY time on Saturday.

Once again have encountered major, major spoilers before Amazon uploads the new Who ep.

Making last week the only ep for which I didn't have major spoilers I didn't want to have seen before it was available to me legally.

How do I hate Tumblr? let me count the ways.

AND YET, most of the fans I know are there, and I don't want to be cut off from them. Not to mention an awful lot of friends.
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Since I have to wait an extra day for Amazon Prime to upload new TV eps, I liveblogged Spare Parts on Saturday.

Spare Parts CD cover

It's easier to embed images on Tumblr, but it's got a terrible filing system, plus it's not as suited to fandom discussion as DW. So I'm gonna tidy/archive my liveblog here. Because Spare Parts is a great story, and I love it. Much more fun reading commentary about why something's interesting, right?

If you don't own it (it's $3 on the BF website,), here’s Spare Parts Streaming on Spotify. You’ll need to register an email/password, but when I registered, they didn’t even make me click a verification email before I could start listening.

Ready? Ready! Here we go.

Live Blog of Doctor Who: SPARE PARTS
Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa)

Read More... )
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 So, this is the first season of new Who I've purchased on Amazon Prime, mostly to support Bill (PoC lesbian!) and because I love Gomez and Capaldi. Also, Heaven Sent was amazeballs. This season... love the characters, but I doubt I'd rewatch any eps except the first two.

Back when they let Bill be HAPPY. When she wanted to go to the future, because she wanted to see that people in the future were HAPPY. Which was such a nice fresh start to get Who out of the angst rut it sometimes falls into. But she hasn't had much fun with the Doctor so far, just dudes hitting on her so she has to say "um... lesbian".

But anyway. I listened to and wrote a detailed liveblog on Spare Parts before watching this week's new Who. And I can only say that the EU one licks the TV version hollow, to misquote Tom Baker’s Puddleglum.

I haven't been this annoyed with Who since Twin Dilemma, which is saying a lot. (Well, okay, Minuet in Hell, but that wasn't on TV. Even The Boy That Time Forgot didn't irk me this much.) 

Let's see.

Why I disliked World Enough and Time (spoilers) )

I'm just... tired.Which is a pity, because Capaldi and Gomez finally had me hooked last year, and at the moment I’m having to force myself to keep watching.

Then again, that means more time to listen to great Who stories that very seldom let me down. I've got a backlog to get through, after all!

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 So I've been liveblogging a re-listen of Spare Parts on Tumblr this evening, all kinds of discussion and thinky thoughts. I hope some people will read and find it interesting.

Obviously, Tumblr is horrible for discussion, but it does make it easier to toss pictures/graphics into Walls of Text. I may bring over the posts to DW, or I may not; it's a lot of work!

As usual, thanks to Amazon Prime, I haven't seen tonight's new Who episode. I'm avoiding browsing Tumblr for the most part to avoid Spoilers. But I've already heard from my fellow Team Five posse that I'm probably not going to like a lot of it (although the Fifth Corsair thinks I will be happy with Missy). 

Also? It's what...June 25.  I FINALLY have a good idea to submit to this year's Big Finish Short Trips contest.

I shouldn't win, because someone surely wants it more. But I want to submit something.

It's weird; I always want to get them to do the PERFECT Fifth Doctor and Nyssa "Team Nerd" story, the two of them being McGyvers together. And then I can never think of a good story to send them. I'd do Dalek Free Spirit, except it's a sequel to one single audio that they can't guarantee Short Trips listeners have heard, plus I think the contest rules say no canon monsters (since there's often licensing / permission issues). 
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TLDR: I think Michelle Gomez is the best Master in years, but series 10 has hobbled what I love about her.

spoilers up through empress of mars )

ETA: Okay, NOW I've seen Eaters of Light. Which I liked. :)

Okay, Eaters of Light Addendum )
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It is flipping done. 52K words, two years of my life, too many sinus infections, and gods know how many hours of research, revisions and nitpicky edits later…

FANFIC: The Coronation of the High Hierophant

Pairing: Fifth Doctor & Nyssa (mostly platonic except That One Demi chapter)
Rating: Teen and up
Word Count: 51K or 52K depending on archive
Context: Big Finish audios but as usual I provide enough context you don't need 'em

“Those people are gravely mistaken who imagine that all this is mere ceremony.” —Louis XIV, Le Roi-Soleil

Story: On a human colony where Baroque France and classical Rome are so far in Earth’s legendary past that both are mined for “wisdom of the ancients,” the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa are swept into a fantastic world of pageantry, allegory, advanced gravitational engineering, dance and court intrigue.

The Doctor believes Nyssa has found true love. Nyssa believes she has found someone who needs their help. After the Doctor leaves Nyssa to her new life, she’s forced to embrace the masquerade far more deeply than she had intended. Will the Doctor defy the Web of Time to extricate her from the jaws of history?

Tags: trope subversion · graysexuality · queer characters · trans characters
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Wouldn't you know it. I finished writing High Hierophant three days ago, but I knew better than to post it then: I always find myself fiddling and tweaking.

This time post-processing included writing a 1600 word additional scene (only to conclude that no, really, honest, that scene didn't belong; I had decided it was unnecessary while planning the epilogue and was perfectly correct to leave it out). Also about 500 more words of adding/subtracting/editing/tweaking/flossing the cat.

I'm glad I did it. A story needs a satisfying emotional payoff and resolution that ties together all the threads, themes, and most of all, reader expectations. I asked myself what a reader would want to come away with at the end, I inspected what I had to see where it failed to meet that goal as well as it could, and -- I hope -- did a better job of delivering it.

In other news, this is very silly cover art.

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Somehow I hadn't gotten around to reading a rollercoaster Team Five fanfic, Serenity's Shadow, set on the one world in the Traken Union that wasn't wiped out during Logopolis. (Mentioned in Cold Fusion.) Author is Chryse on Teaspoon. Alas, she's only written this one novella-length epic.

It's Adric, Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa. They all have moments to be great, and they're in character. Everything's really well-written, there's lots of canon tie-ins (but you don't need to know them to enjoy the story), tons of classic Who melodrama and cliffhangers and cultural factions and scheming and big scary moments and angst. 

I wish I could write this well.

At any rate, if you liked early 80s Who or anyone in this TARDIS team, very much worth a read.
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Whew.The Coronation of the High Hierophant, a Fifth Doctor & Nyssa novella I started hashing out in summer 2015, is DONE. 51,261 words. I'm going to let it percolate until the end of the week before posting the final chapter, because I polish and buff prose for days. But it's ready to go, and I'm proud to have conquered it despite some nasty stretches of health problems over the past few years.

This was one of those stories that grabs you and demands to be written. For once, I put in months of research and development before writing any scenes.

Not just because I had a trans character, and I needed to be damned careful when writing a queer experience quite different from my own. (I'm bi.) I hope I didn't screw up too badly, although I know I was steering perilously close to several clichés. Ironically, that happened in the course of subverting certain het, "princess falls in love with prince charming," love triangle, and damsel-in-distress clichés. 

Not just because my background in classical studies means I can't be satisfied with a generic setting. I must build a fully-realized world and culture. Which meant delving into primary sources on the court of Louis XIV and his Regent mother Queen Anne, and researching the early history of ballet, none of which I knew anything about beyond the Big Finish audio The Church and the Crown (that's what set me off on this time period).

It was mostly because I wanted to learn a better approach to writing, after thinking of myself as a writer for 30 years yet failing to finish a novel save the dreck I wrote as a teen! I usually write seat-of-the-pants, craft the ending scene and then the beginning, and trust the characters to find their way from point A to B. That worked with stories up to about 20,000 words. I've even written one (Master's Thesis, a Fifth Doctor/Turlough/Tegan/older!Nyssa novella) that clocked in over 40,000. But I needed a more integrated, organized method.

This time, I bought a book called Story Engineering and followed its guidelines and structured approach. It's the difference between writing a sonnet and winging it with free verse. The result isn't perfect, but it's better than anything else I've written so far.

There were a couple classic Who-related themes I wanted to tackle beyond the "Cinderella subverted" backbone, which is why I had to write this as fanfic instead of publishing it as original SF.

Read more... )
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...It's been a bumper crop year for Team Five fans.

I'm ambivalent about bringing Adric back, because Matthew's a little rusty (although he was great in last year's Short Trip "A Full Life"), and because I prefer S20 Nyssa who's more experienced and outspoken. The Star Men and Zaltys were fun but not stellar stories (pun intended), The Contingency Club was the only one I felt measured up to Big Finish's usual standards of "classic Who, only with really good scriptwriting, and all the companions have moments to shine.")

But some years we just have to be content with a classic Doctor's trilogy. This year? There's SO MUCH MORE. Last year we had an extra anthology with Turlough. This year is the gift that keeps on giving. Alien Heart / Dalek Soul was flipping brilliant and original, almost as much so as Heaven Sent— the first story is just setup for the second, but the second had me yelling expletives at three different points. So we had two good to great Nyssa & Five stories, which of course makes me happy. And we're not done with Five yet this year. 

September gives us TWO more treats.

"A Heart on Both Sides." Short Trip with older!Nyssa — post-Terminus Space Medic Nyssa, saving lives and being Wonder Woman, encountering the Eighth Doctor at the beginning of the Time War.

Big Finish Audio cover

I've always wondered what older!Nyssa would say/do if she learned of the Time War, since her own experiences with Time Lords other than the Doctor have been largely negative, yet she's so loyal to the Doctor. On the one hand, she'd sympathize with his predicament — she's watched the Time Lords execute him, for goodness' sake, not to mention her personal tragedies with the Master— but on the other hand, she's a healer and a doctor, medical variety, and she'll be not best pleased if she find the Doctor connected with a war that's sending casualties her way. I've wanted her to confront one of the post-Time-War Doctors for years (as the Last of Her Race, she has an additional angle they can't do here). But Eight will do.

My only regret is that it's a Short Trip, so single-narrator, rather than Sarah and Paul working together. Both of them can project quiet passion and intensity, and Nyssa only gets angry very rarely, so it would be a hell of a confrontation for them to act. On the other hand, Short Trips have the advantage of letting us see the Doctor through the companion's eyes, and Nyssa's nonhuman, "very old friend of the Doctor with a life outside of his" perspective is somewhat unique.

There's an Adric Short Trip in November, "The Ingenous Gentleman Adric of Alzarius." The description on their website suggests another panto. It could be a hilarious spoof, IF Matthew is up to the challenge. A big if. (Except personally I don't ship Adric/Nyssa, and reading between the lines there may be a bit of it, but we shall see. Can't very well begrudge Big Finish feeding other people's ships after what they did for mine in Dalek Soul.) I'm looking forward to the "Dragon" in that story. ;) 

But here. Here is the story that had me squeaking for joy as soon as Janet posted something about being at the studio with Lou Jameson. Main Range Fifth Doctor audio: Time in Office. TEGAN AND LEELA and a political drama (anthology?) about the Fifth Doctor getting dragged back to Gallifrey and forced to serve at least a little time as the president. Tegan. And. LEELA. teamed up. Five, you are in so much trouble.

CD cover for Big Finish Doctor Who "Time in Office"

[Full-sized version]

This cover art is already gorgeous, some of the best Big Finish has produced (including the stained glass Dalek). But what's that we see at the bottom of the scene, for the dedicated classic Who connoisseur? "A few bare rocks with some weeds sprouting from them and some pathetic little patches of sludgy snow." — The Time Monster
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I'm a little behind, since my reaction to being spoiled on Tumblr is to put off watching an ep (irrational backwards 'R' us). However, I just watched Lie of the Land.

Having watched the whole Monk trilogy now, here's my stream of consciousness thoughts/reactions, unedited unfiltered because this is Dreamwidth, and I'm writing in my own space (Don't like, don't read).

Extremis - (6/10)

Thoughts about Extremis... )

Pyramid at the End of the World - (4/10)


Thoughts about The Pyramid at the End of the World... )

The Lie of the Land 7/10

Thoughts about The Lie of the Land... )

...and after all this, much as I love Capaldi, I still love my classic Who flavors of storytelling more. Ah well. I wish wish wish we'd get some Capadli with Chris Chibnall at the helm, but we're not gonna. 

Thank goodness for Big Finish. And the Meddling Monk.

Now, much as I kinda want to see the next spoiler, er, episode, I also want to finish off a classic Who fanfic. It's all written now, but I feel the last few scenes could be even better, stronger, and give readers more of an emotional payoff. Even if I never get as many readers as I would like, because I keep writing sequels to obscure Big Finish episodes, thereby scaring off most potential readers with spoiler warnings. Ah, irony. :D
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Trying to figure out how to word this tactfully, because I love audio Doctor Who so much. It's just one thing they could do better.

General feedback re:TARDIS team interactions in the Main Range )
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Late 70s/early 80s (middle school through high school)...
  • Watching Doctor Who on PBS, a Philadelphia/Wilmington station, along with a lot of other British import TV. There was no cable, just a few stations like ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS and then some weird stations on the UHF dial -- you never knew what you'd find there (mostly static, some foreign-language).
  • Writing Three & Jo fanfic in a spiralbound notebook kept in a plastic tub under the bed. Trying to read my smudged/faded pencil later. (I was also writing Trek and Buck Rogers fanfic. Later, Blake's 7 too.)
  • Drawing fanart on my desk blotter (no computer in those days) or in a blank book I carried around with me in my purse. (no tablet/phone either!)
  • Frantically scrambling to get the cassette tape flipped in the tape recorder without missing too much of the episode I was recording.
  • The Doctor was Jon Pertwee. Or Tom Baker. The rerun cycle meant I was getting both, alternately. Jo and Three were my original TARDIS team.
  • Later, the fine art of programming primitive VCRs, hoping the tape wouldn't run out or the broadcast wouldn't cut out or the show wouldn't run early or late. And don't get me started about the arguments over which shows to program the VCR to record while we were gone on two-week trips. 
  • The elaborate numbering/filing/stickers/notebook that went into managing a VHS tape library.
  • Going over to a friend's house to watch a show if they got better reception than we did. But there was always snow/static.
  • The PBS fundraisers. Who were these college students with their Tom Baker hats and Doctor Who scarves, the latter draped along the phone bank desks? Who were these mysterious Prydonians of Princeton whose efforts were keeping our PBS station going and encouraging them to keep bringing us more British shows? Bless them! How did one find them? They were a whole state away, and it's not like there was any way to look up someone's contact info outside your own area code in the phone book!
  • Getting those cool newfangled disappearing TARDIS mugs that reacted to hot water, T-shirts, or books for Christmas, which our parents had picked up from the PBS fundraisers as perks.
  • The Peter Haining Who books with b&w photos and early fanart of Who's characters, including first and second Doctors and companions we'd never seen! And story synopses of every serial, including the ones before our time! Wow! Hainings' Key to Time even told us behind-the-scenes stuff, which we'd never hear of otherwise. (It's not like we had any way to get news, images, or even to know a companion was changing or a Doctor was regenerating).
  • The TARDIS technical manual and FASA Doctor Who Roleplaying game came out in the mid 80s. Thosesourcebooks were again more detailed info about Gallifrey, the TARDIS, the antagonists than we'd ever had before (some of it made up for those books or wrong, but oh well).
  • Going on a school trip to England and being UTTERLY JAZZED ABOUT IT because I'd grown up watching Who and other British TV. Going to Longleat Who exhibition and seeing the REAL K9. Being amazed at finding Who Target novelisations at Harrod's, a regular department store! I picked up Castrovalva, the Five Doctors, Unearthly Child and (for some reason) Planet of Fire, probably because it hadn't yet been broadcast in the states. We were often a year behind.
  • Dressing vaguely as Romana in high school; a friend of mine had a Who scarf and I wound up taking him to the prom where we geeked.
  • The "Lime Jello" round robin Doctor Who fanfic that was passed around fans in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey on floppy disc. No slash, no romance, just adventure with an original Time Lord character.
1989-93 (college) ...
  • Bringing a few fave serials we'd recorded on TV off to college to share with friends. A major fandom activity in those days was finding and sharing copies of shows we'd taped, because access was so limited.
  • The text bulletin boards on the college VAX, shared with one other neighboring college with which we were networked. It included a Who fanfic forum, Starbucket. There were no rules. Starbucket was the name of a cloaked CIA time station, and our characters were CIA agents, self-inserts (nobody knew the name "Mary Sue" then, it was the glory days of D&D). Our companions were characters lifted just before they "died" in their own timeline, which is why I had Cally of Blake's 7 and Cassandra of Troy; someone had Avon; there were Robotech pilots and the Phantom of the Opera and Hal from 2001 and who knows what. Everyone wrote everyone else's characters. We'd print out copies so we could read them in our rooms or bind them into zines and make xeroxed illustrations and pass them around. 
  • My first con was Philcon '90, and the dealer's room was a revelation. I picked up a zine called 'The Doctor and the Enterprise." Found a few zines with het shipping but didn't realize it; most of what I saw and everything we wrote would now be called genfic. 
  • In Feb 1990, our British student came to the nerd table in the college dining hall, telling us the bad news that DOCTOR WHO HAD BEEN CANCELLED. We were outraged. Our women's college was totally in love with Ace (as I've said before, everyone wanted to be or date her).
  • After college I slowly drifted away from fandom and Who because again, the web was brand new so there was still not many ways to keep up with fandom. By that time, Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 were my fandoms. 
  • I never ran across any of the expanded universe books and certainly not the early Audio Visual and BBV bootleg Who audios (The "Professor and Ace" audios with Sylvester and Sophie, the "Stranger and Miss Brown audios with Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant, various other Who actors). People making these Who clones later went on to form Big Finish, and some even ended up working for Doctor Who on TV when it rebooted.
  • I got together with fellow D&D and Babylon 5 fans in grad school to watch the Doctor Who movie on TV. So frustrating. Consensus: "Good special FX and bad dialogue is the opposite of Doctor Who! And it's too American! A pity, that new guy they got to play the Doctor was quite good." I don't remember people throwing much of a fit about the kiss; it was the Master being too modern and Terminator-like that really threw us.
  • By the time Who rebooted, I'd cut cable. I saw a few DVDs a friend recorded and really liked Eccleston. I was glad Who was back, but it didn't feel quite like the Who I loved and missed. Even so, I meant to get around to watching the rest of it, but that required buying it. I bought the first season for my parents and watched it with them, and again enjoyed it. I just never got around to seeking it out, and after a while it seemed like there was too much to catch up.
  • Except that in 2013 I decided I had to attend the 50th anniversary showing for old times' sake. I was a Whovian, dammit, even if I didn't watch anymore.
  • Getting on Tumblr afterwards, I stumbled across a clip from Big Finish Cradle of the Snake.  Fifth Doctor and one of my very favorite TARDIS Teams?!! You mean there's new stories with the Doctors and companions I grew up watching?!!!
  • I got hooked on Big Finish, got hooked into classic Who fandom on Tumblr, wrote fanfic, wound up going to my first Who con in NEWCASTLE, England in 2014, and while in England, I finally started watching Doctor Who again. My first ever live broadcast of a current  a live broadcast for the first time ever, although I'd started watching in 1979.
  • Came back, started attending Long Island and Regen cons in November & March in the states (first-ever cosplay: Evelyn Smythe), and thanks to them I finally started watching the show (because that was the only time I had cable access. ;) For a while I'd watch the new episodes however I could -- less said the better -- but this year I broke down and bought the season on Amazon prime. 

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Title Banner for Coronation of the High Hierophant

The Coronation of the High Hierophant
New chapter: seven of eight

“Those people are gravely mistaken who imagine that all this is mere ceremony.” —Louis XIV, Le Roi-Soleil

Story: On a human colony where Baroque France and classical Rome are so far in Earth’s legendary past that both are mined for “wisdom of the ancients,” the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa are swept into a fantastic world of pageantry, allegory, advanced gravitational engineering, dance and court intrigue.

The Doctor believes Nyssa has found true love. Nyssa believes she has found someone who needs their help. When the Doctor leaves Nyssa to her new life, she’s forced to embrace the masquerade far more deeply than she had intended. And the Web of Time may seal her fate.

Tags: fairytales · trope subversion · graysexuality · queer characters
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...is an action scene of 2500 words excessive?

More trimming, more polishing. But the story has been building up to that climax for six chapters and 40,000 words. 


May. 30th, 2017 09:34 am
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I jotted down the original outline of The Coronation of the High Hierophant in August 2015.  And it looks like I may finish it within the next month, FINALLY.

I've just written the dramatic climax, which includes lots of derring-do and the Doctor being heroic. (Finally.) All that's left to write is a short epilogue. It's going to clock in around 55,000 words. 

It was inspired by the simplest of exchanges in a Big Finish Doctor Who audio, 1001 Nights:

Nyssa: You’re quite sure this outfit isn’t a little too showy? Oh.

Doctor: Nothing’s too showy for the Grand Coronation of the High Hierophant of the Five Revealed Truths. Oh.

N: We’re not at the Celestial Basilica, are we?

D: Apparently not.

N: Then where are we?

D: I’m not sure. Remote outpost, maybe? Or some kind of fortress? Not exactly bustling with life.

N: It’s a prison, isn’t it.

D: I admit the fifty-foot-high wall does tend to give that impression.

N: I had enough of prisons on Folly. Can we go?

<Cries for help>

D: Did you hear that?

N: Doctor. The Coronation of the High Hierophant, remember? Perfumed rain, falling from clouds sewn with powdered diamonds… you wouldn’t want to miss that.

D: I’ve had the invitation for the past 300 years, Nyssa. I can wait a little longer… come on!

Did they ever succeed in going to the Celestial Basilica? What happened?

Babbling about how the story came together... )
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Fifth Doctor fanfic bannerThe Coronation of the High Hierophant(Unrevealed Truths)
Fifth Doctor/Nyssa, UST demi or asexual Doctor, queer characters.
6 chapters posted so far; grand finale in progress (either 1 chapter or 1 chapter plus epilogue.)

Summary: What if the Doctor thinks he's in one of those adventures that ends with the companion staying behind, but the companion thinks they're staying just long enough to troubleshoot a problem? What if the companion has to play the hero in the Doctor's absence, while he works through the stages of grief for a friend whose fate is sealed? Nyssa is soon wrapped up in the deadly politics of the Celestial Basilica, a culture that's half advanced technological wizardry, half retro French Baroque. Meanwhile, the Doctor is finding it difficult to move on, but he can't go back for her— not without violating the Laws of Time.

Dalek Free Spirit (sequel to Big Finish "Dalek Heart")
Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, canon Platonic, Turlough Cameo
Chapter 2/8 posted so far. 
Summary: Nyssa is lost, probably dead, and in any case beyond the Doctor's reach. To his dismay, he learns that the Daleks may have kept a clone of her. Now he faces an impossible dilemma: save her imperfect twin, who may be as twisted as her father was after the Master possessed him, or exterminate the last of a dear friend.

And I need to figure out something for the Big Finish contest, since Dalek Free Spirit has become too complex a story (and anyway they probably wouldn't accept it since the rules say no established monsters.) 

You'd think at my age I wouldn't care, but I remember the heyday of LJ fanfic, when everyone commented on each other's stories, and I miss that interaction tremendously. In fact, I find it very discouraging to post without the payoff of reader feedback, although I keep being seized by story ideas that are so good I can't stop writing them. Fanfiction (and Big Finish) keep me going during depression and periods of poor health.

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